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More songs by Strange World Music, 'I'm
Waiting For You' and 'Killing Love Slow' available on all streaming platforms.

'No Denying' featuring Ethan Z Burch has been played on Lonely Oak Radio in their 'New Music' slot. Head on over to Lonely Oak Radio and listen to some great songs.

Check out Strange World Music on Jango Radio, I have a little station there with lots of good music laying.

Strange World Music is now on Last Fm just go over to Last Fm and look up Strange World Music or Linz54 and check out a selection of songs by unsigned artists various genres. And don't forget to listen to us too. :)

A new song 'No Denying' just released today and soon to be available on all streaming platforms soon.

About us

I am a songwriter with eclectic tastes and I collaborate with other songwriters to write and produce songs. Songs I have written can be found on all streaming sites and are available to buy. Songs can be found by their title or by placing in the search 'Strange World Music' or by artist name 'Ethan Burch' as Ethan is a featuring artist. Some of Ethan's own songs can be found on soundcloud, Ethan Zachary Burch.​I do not perform and I do not tour I just write songs place them on streaming websites and aim to pitch the songs for any opportunity that may arise. My songs can be licensed.​I am only seeking deals for the songs I write and I aim to pitch songs to film, tv, adverts, other artists and more.  

I also have songs produced by CustomAnthems. Take a look at the music visualizer CustomAnthems made for the new song 'What Happens When The Sun Dies'.

My  songs are not about me or the people I collaborate with. The songs are inspired by fantasy, fiction, life, people, the environment and so on. 

I am a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. I also was awarded a certificate for a good level of songwriting from the UK Songwriting Contest. I am also a member of the PRS.  

The pictures are the covers to some of the songs already produced . 

Business hours are just the times I am available via 'contact us'. I do not have business premises I am  just on the internet.

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